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the spread of COVID-19

Coronavirus Chlorine Dioxide Collaborative

This website was launched to empower people with knowledge that THERE ARE MORE SOLUTIONS for controlling this pandemic.

This information is even more vital now that scientists are affirming COVID-19 likely can be transmitted through aerosols.

These times are tough, but so are we!
Let's work together

Special thanks to Dawson Fuss for sharing his video, "Damn Quarantine"
for all of us similarly challenged with 'Stay Home' frustrations!

Will you help?

Spread awareness about
using Chlorine Dioxide in this fight!

Tell others that disinfection can be done safely IN THE AIR via Chlorine Dioxide fine-mist sprayers & humidifiers.


Use Chlorine Dioxide for MULTI-PURPOSE disinfectant for air, skin*, clothes & surfaces.

Post links on social media to interesting STUDIES & CoronavirusCD.org

If we can answer any questions or help support your efforts, please contact us.