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How to use this Chlorine Dioxide database information

This is a database collection of several hundred Studies, technical papers, & guidance docs on Chlorine Dioxide,
its uses, COVID-19, guidance by organizations, and other topics.

Some links provide useful general information, while others are resources for more in-depth research.

Revisit regularly for updates.

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Viewing all links
On the main database page, click on one of the Subject Folders for a list of linked webpages. Each folder contains at least 50 links, but sometimes the entire list doesn't show up immediately. On each page, keep scrolling down to the very last link to make sure the entire list is displayed.

Viewing links with their Notes
There are Notes included below most links. These include many valuable highlights, excerpts, and summaries of linked pages. To be able to view all information, at the top right-hand side of the page, you need to select this view icon.

Searching for topics
Each of the 15 Subject Folder is a separate database. Many topics have related links in more than one Folder.
If you are looking for specific keywords or tags, you will need to open each Folder individually to search for them.

Translating Webpages linked from this database
If you want to translate a webpage that is linked from this site, you can go to
Copy the url address from the original webpage and paste it in the box on the left side. On the right, select your desired language. A new url will be displayed. Click on it to visit a translated page.

Translating Chlorine Dioxide Navigation Folders and Notes
For more information on translating resources to other languages, email

Requesting additional information or answers to specific questions
There is also a separate database of several hundred links that is not accessible through this website. If you are wanting additional specific information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask through email

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